The Dark Side of Fashion

Raising awareness to the harmful effects within the fashion industry.

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The Dark Side of Fashion 

In the film, The Dark Side of Fashion we responded to the brief given by the Make/Use team to persuade fashionistas to buy zero waste fashion. By analysing our target audience we found them to be highly influenced by the latest trends within the fashion world, we therefore needed to make sure our video would change their fundamental behaviour in how they viewed zero waste clothing as a fashionable piece of clothing. We decided to educate our audience of the dark side of the fashion industry and how it effects our environment, we wanted them to consider their behaviour in the way they consume fashion. 
              To achieve this, we emphasised this concept around a dystopia vs utopia relationship within fashion. By focusing on the corruption and negatives within the fashion industry at the beginning of the video to create a sense of conflict, then transitioning into a more utopian feel through the revealing of the Make/Use clothing, and presenting it as a positive solution to a more sustainable future.
              We want our video to change the perspective of those who view it, convincing them to consider more into what their buying and what impact their purchases may have. So from here, we produced a series of static and dynamic posters to further enforce each issue.


Director: Luke Hoban and Kyle Whyte
Director of Photography: Luke Hoban
Pre Production: Kyle Whyte
Motion Graphics and post production: Luke Hoban
Music: Bittersweet (Instrumental) – Evoke
Audio: The True Cost Documentary
Wardrobe: Make Use – Holly McQuillan (
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